Yahweh's Remnant - Greetings In The Name of Our Saviour Yahshua
             Thank you for your interest in
                      Yahweh's Remnant   
             We are The Non-Profit Evangelistic Ministry of
                     The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11
  Though Gentile-we are Messianic Jewish in Our Perspectives 
 As The Handwriting on The Wall was interpreted to mean that
The Kingdom of Babylon was numbered for 2520 yrs
(from Sept 13, 538 BC to Sept 13, 1982).  (Dan 5)
                       Mene        1000     Sept 13, 538 BC
                       Mene        1000        +      2520 yrs
                       Tekel             20  = Sept 13, 1982
                       Upharsin    500
                                        2520 yrs
In that night Yahweh's Remnant was born; as Princess Grace
Kelly of Monaco fell 120ft to her death; and I (Emanuel West Jr.)
was given an Isaiah Type Experience as was Daniel to interpret
End Time Prophecies (Isa 6).  The Ministry of Elijah (Mal 4) of
Jeremiah (Jer 1) Ezekiel (Eze 2, 3) The 3 Angels (Rev14)
Jehu(II Ki 9) Joshua(Josh 10) of Gideon(Jdg 7); the dangerous 
teaching Ministry of Ezra(Ezr 10; II Chron 15) & many others.
 As presently taught; THERE WILL BE NO RAPTURE other than that
Scripture indicates that Yahweh's Remnant shall comprise some
 500 Million Believers (Mostly Gentiles) raptured here from
all over The Earth; having a common bond in Messianic Judaism
based in USA; The End Time Land of Goshen(Eph 4:4-6; Gen 46,
47; Exo 4 thru 12; Luke 17:34-37; Jdg 7; Isa 18).
This Daniel type would be chosen in Macon, Ga. (Makom-Hb
4349, 4368-4369, 3559) - means the foundation, base or
pedestal.  Makom was an Ancient Appellation of Yahweh. (Eze 20:45)
This work will begin in the South (Hb 5045-5049) which means
to clear the way - a rapid spontaneous movement (1864-1866). 
It also means the descendants of Ishmael and Edom (Hb 8485-8490).  This great work will be based in the Seaside--"Terminus" (Hb 5703). 
This is the ancient name of Atlanta, Ga. which means "The advance
work before Eternity" "The End Of The Line" (Isa 60; Jdg 7:12).
      And we have The Work of John The Baptist(Matt 3:1-12) 
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